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Imaging of sewers

Our imaging trucks photograph all types of sewers and pipelines.

Our customers include municipalities, housing corporations as well as office and industrial properties. With the description of the pipelines, it is possible to check their functional condition and find out the problem areas without digging out the pipe.

A sewer description is a cheap, reliable and easy way to get an overview
with a description of the waste, rain and sewage drains. The description of the sewers reveals their structural and functional condition, as well as local fault points. The method is cost-effective because possible problem areas can be found without digging up the pipe.

With the description of the sewer, it can be confirmed, for example, whether pipe repair is necessary.
Repeated blockage of the drain is good to find out with drain imaging.
It is also a good idea to photograph the new drains before commissioning. The description ensures that the drains have been installed in accordance with the requirements, as well as ensuring that no material that does not belong there, causing possible future water damage, has entered the drain.

The customer receives a recording of the description of the sewer, as well as an oral and/or written report on the start.