How to order a tow truck or roadside assistance

Do this if your car leaves you stranded or you have an accident.

  1. Remember the warning triangle
    Place the warning triangle to warn other motorists. Please use a reflector vest so that others can see you on the road.
  2. Help the injured
    In the event of an accident, help any injured people and get help by calling the emergency number 112*.
  3. Find out your car’s registration number
    The car’s registration number, your exact location and your phone number are extremely important in order to arrange help to the scene.
  4. Order a tow truck or roadside assistance
    Call the 24/7 on-call number 0400 643 160.
  5. Keep the telephone line free
    As a precaution, keep the telephone line free until help arrives.

*Note! In the event of an accident, if the police are not called to the scene, determining the guilt in retrospect can be troublesome. Even in clear cases, it is worth writing down a common vision of the accident on paper in duplicate, signed by both parties.

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