Towing services

We are a professional towing and roadside assistance service provider in Kittilä, and part of the national Falck chain. We operate in the whole Fell Lapland region. Sometimes the car goes on strike for no apparent reason and sometimes the extreme arctic climate of Lapland is too much for the car. We help stranded motorists quickly when the weather or a reindeer surprises, a fender-bender occurs, a tire bursts or you need booster help. We can de-ice your car in a warm garage in the winter. We have the equipment for all under 12-tonne towings 24/7, booster help, door openings and pulling your car out of a ditch. We are a reliable towing service provider for cars, vans and motorcycles in the Fell Lapland region.

hinausautontoimintaaOUR SERVICES INCLUDE:

  • All under 12-tonne towings 24/7.
  • Booster help/auxiliary power
  • Door opening
  • Pulling up from ditches
  • Car de-icing services
  • How to order


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