Cesspool emptying request, Kolari

Hettula Oy has made an agreement with the municipality of Kolari for waste management, which includes the collection of dry and wet waste, as well as invoicing. As for sludge, closed tanks and concrete ring wells (septic tanks) are emptied separately upon request of the real estate owner. The septic truck drives emptying routes in the autumn and spring. The municipality of Kolari informs about these routes in the Luoteis-Lappi newspaper.

The link below will take you to the website of the municipality of Kolari. There you will find the emptying fee, the basic fee (charged annually in connection with the emptying invoice) and the consumption fee. Please note that a starting fee is charged for emptying orders outside the routes.

Waste fee (link to the finnish website of Kolari)

Use the form below to request cesspool emptying services in the Kolari region. Fill out the form and press Send. The information will be shown in your browser. The information is transmitted to us by email.

Emptying address
Zip code & city
Type of tank
Closed tank, koko m3 Ceptic tank kpl
How many households share the tank
Time for emptying
Spring route Fall route Other:

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