Ozonisation is a one-off method supporting other cleaning and disinfection activities that cleans and freshens up the indoor environment. Ozonisation is a good method to remove odours. Ozonisation enables the removal of harmful pathogens and allergens, and odours caused by mould, moisture, fuels, tobacco, animals, death and smoke. The process usually takes one day, and the device is compact-sized.

otsonointi_bt-nt7-300x180Odour removal may be needed for e.g. removing the smell of tar caused by smoking indoors. If it has continued for a long period of time and there are visible stains of nicotine and tar, surface renovation is also needed.

There should be no people, animals, foods or plants in the space that is undergoing ozonisation, and the space must be ventilated well afterwards.


  • Homes, summer cottages, hotel rooms and caravans/motor homes (the device can be used for under 100 m2 spaces)
  • Tobacco odours and other unpleasant smells
  • Frowsty spaces (also kills bacteria)
  • Odours caused by water, fire or sewer damages
  • Cars, buses and taxis
  • Odours of animals

However, it should be noted that ozonisation does not in any case replace e.g. mould renovations, but is a part of the cleaning work after the renovation.

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