EASE-Q quality management system

pky_laatu_logo-250x150The EASE-Q quality management system has been developed especially for the quality and environmental management of machine and transport companies. It fulfils the requirements of standards SFS-EN ISO-9001:2000 and SFS-EN ISO-14001.

In the context of the EASE-Q system, the whole staff has been trained in quality and environment matters and they work with quality thinking in mind. In addition, the whole staff is trained for an economic and environmentally-friendly driving style each couple of years.

Thanks to the EASE-Q system our pragmatic quality system and quality thinking affect the everyday activities of the whole staff.

ISO (International Organization for Standardization)

  • A global association of national standard organisations
  • Publishes ISO standards
  • 146 countries involved in the activities of the association
  • There were over 14,000 ISO standards by the end of 2003

Finnish Standards Association SFS

  • SFS is a central organisation of standardisation in Finland
  • It validates and publishes SFS standards
  • There were over 17,000 SFS standards by the end of 2004


  • Quality management and quality assurance standards


  • Environmental management standard


A set of properties that form the ability to produce a product or service that fulfils its requirements and expectations.


A formally-defined common way for the top management to react to quality (the “sales pitch”, which also binds the company).


The company indicates its commitment to the promotion of the protection of the environment

We have set goals, which we will aim to achieve in order to protect the environment

We have set objectives, which will be reached in the long term

Public practices that the company requires from its operations (in written form)

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